We investigate the guage invariance of the leading logarithmic radiative correction to the two-photon decay width in hydrogenlike atoms, was investigated. The effective treatment of the correction using a Lamb-shift led to the equivalent results in both the length and velocity gages. The relevant radiative corrections were found to be related to the energies that entered into the propagator denominators, to the Hamiltonian, to the wave functions, and to the energy conservation condition, that holds between two photons. The results show that the dominant radiative correction to the 2S two-photon decay width is about -2.020 536(α/π)(Zα)2 1n[(Zα)-2] in units of the nonrelativistic expressions. This result is in agreement with a length-gauge calculation [S. G. Karshenboim and V. G. Ivanov, e-print physics/9702027], where the coefficient was given as −2.025(1).



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Computational Methods; Electrodynamics; Electron Energy Levels; Green's Function; Hamiltonians; Hydrogen; Integration; Lagrange Multipliers; Mathematical Operators; Matrix Algebra; Numerical Analysis; Perturbation Techniques; Photons; Problem Solving; Quantum Theory; Photon Energies; Photon Spectroscopy; Quantum Electrodynamics (QED); Radiative Corrections; Atomic Physics

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01 May 2004

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