We have measured and calculated fully differential cross sections for target ionization in 16-MeV O7++He and 24-MeV O8++Li collisions. As in previous studies, in the case of the He target we observe a pronounced forward shift in the angular distribution of the electrons relative to the direction of the momentum transfer q at small q (q < 1 a.u.). An unexpected result is that we also find a strong forward shift at large q (q > 2 a.u.), while at intermediate q this shift becomes very weak or even turns into a backward shift. For the Li target, in contrast, the forward shift monotonically increases with increasing q. These observations are qualitatively reproduced by our calculations. The comparison to theory suggests that at large q the forward shift is due to the postcollision interaction between the outgoing projectile and the ejected electron, but at small q it is mostly due to an interplay between the projectile-target core interaction and the electron-target core interaction.



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Core Interactions; Ejected Electrons; Fully Differential Cross Sections; Ion Impact; Large Momentum Transfers; Li Targets; Post Collision Interaction; Post-collision; Ion Bombardment; Ionization; Lithium; Projectiles

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01 Aug 2013

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