Target electron removal in Li2+-Li collisions at 2290 keV/amu is studied experimentally and theoretically for ground and excited lithium target configurations. It is shown that in outer-shell ionization a single-electron process plays the dominant part. However, the K-shell ionization results are more difficult to interpret. According to our calculations, the process is shown to be strongly single-particle like. On one hand, a high resemblance between theoretical single-particle ionization and exclusive inner-shell ionization is demonstrated, and contributions from multi-electron processes are found to be weak. On the other hand, it is indicated by the discrepancy between experimental and single-particle theoretical results that multi-electron processes involving ionization from the outer-shell may play a crucial role.

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International Conference on Many Particle Spectroscopy of Atoms, Molecules, Clusters and Surfaces (2014: Jul. 15-18, Metz, France)



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Engineering Controlled Terms: Electric Conductance; Ionization; Lithium; Molecules; Particle Spectrometers; Shells (Structures); Inner-shell Ionization; K-shell Ionization; Multi-electron; Multielectron Process; Single Electron; Single Particle; Target Configurations; Target Electrons; Electrons

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01 Apr 2015

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