The (Er1-xHox)Rh4B4 pseudoternary alloy system has a minimum in the phase boundary between the superconducting and ferromagnetic phases near x=0.3. This minimum has been identified as due to the competing magnetic anisotropies of Er and Ho. It has also been suggested that there could be a Lifschitz point near the minimum. Using the 30-m SANS camera at the National Center for Small-Angle Scattering Research at ORNL, we have observed a peak in the SANS pattern for (Er 0.8Ho0.2)Rh4B4 at Q=0.065 Å-1. This peak appears for temperatures between Tc2, measured upon cooling, and Tm, and corresponds to a modulation of the magnetic moment with a wavelength of about 100 Å, demonstrating that the modulated moment phase exists away from the ErRh 4B4 end of the phase diagram. The wavelength of the modulation is the same as was previously observed in ErRh4B 4. The fact that the wavelength of the modulation remains finite near x=0.3 appears to rule out the possibility of Lifschitz behavior near this point.



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