Topological Insulators/Superconductors: Potential Future Electronic Materials


A new material called topological insulator has been discovered and becomes one of the fastest growing field in condensed matter physics. Topological insulator is a new quantum phase of matter which has Dirac-like conductivity on its surface, but bulk insulator through its interior. It is considered a challenging problem for the surface transport measurements because of dominant internal conductance due to imperfections of the existing crystals of topological insulators. By a proper method, the internal bulk conduction can be suppressed in a topological insulator, and permit the detection of the surface currents which is necessary for future fault-tolerant quantum computing applications. Doped topological insulators have depicted a large variety of bulk physical properties ranging from magnetic to superconducting behaviors. By chemical doping, a TI can change into a bulk superconductor. NbxBi2Se3 is shown to be a superconductor with Tc ~ 3.2 K, which could be a potential candidate for a topological superconductor.

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4th International Meeting on Frontiers in Physics (2013: Aug. 27-30, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)



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Quantum Computers; Superconducting Materials; Superconductivity; Topology; Bulk Conduction; Bulk Superconductors; Electronic Materials; Fault-tolerant Quantum Computing; New Quantum Phase; Superconducting Behavior; Surface Transport; Topological Insulators; Electric Insulators

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01 Jan 2014