Projectile Charge and Energy Dependence of Titanium K X Rays and Satellites Following Excitation by Fast Heavy Ions


High-resolution measurements have been made of Ti K Ω x rays and satellites (KLn,n=0-4) following bombardment of thick Ti targets by H+, Hen+, Lin+, Cn+, and On+ ions at energies of 1-5 MeV/amu. A systematic study was made of the effect of projectile atomic number Z1 and energy E1 upon the relative intensities, centroid energies, and widths of the various x-ray peaks. The intensity of the satellite structure relative to the diagram lines (KΩ1,Ω2) increases with increasing Z1 for the same-velocity projectile up to Z1=8. Both the Z1 and E1 dependence of these intensities agree reasonably well with a theoretical model described elsewhere. Deviations of peak intensities from theory are discussed. Centroid energies of the peaks increase approximately linearly with Z1 at a rate of ~1 eV/Z. These energy shifts are compared with Hartree-Fock calculations of the x-ray energies for various members of M-shell (3s and 3p) electronic vacancies. Peak widths range from 10 to 37 eV, increasing monotonically with Z1 for most peaks and increasing monotonically with n for all projectiles. No variation of centroid positions or peak widths was observed for different values of E1 and fixed Z1. The observed energy shifts and peak-width variations are discussed in terms of ionization of the M shell, varying distributions of L-shell vacancies among the 2s and 2p subshells, and possible multiplet splittings.



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01 Apr 1976