This paper presents a full three-dimensional (3D) comparison between experiment and theory for 24 MeV O8+ single ionization of the 2s ground state of lithium and the 2p excited state. Two theoretical approximations are examined: the three-body continuum distorted-wave (3DW) and three-body continuum distorted-wave-eikonal initial state (3DW-EIS). Normally, there is a significant difference between these two approaches and the 3DW-EIS is in much better agreement with experiment. In this case, there is very little difference between the two approaches and both are in very good agreement with experiment. For the excited 2p state, the 3D cross sections would exhibit a mirror symmetry about the scattering plane if all three magnetic sublevels were excited in equal proportions. For the present experiment, the 2p+1 (m=+1) sublevel is dominantly excited (quantization axis is the incident beam direction) and for this case there is a magnetic dichroism which is observed both experimentally and theoretically.



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Center for High Performance Computing Research

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Distortion (Waves); Ground State; Impact Ionization; Ionization; Continuum Distorted Wave-Eikonal Initial State; Continuum Distorted Waves; Full Three-Dimensional; Fully Differential Cross Sections; Incident Beam Direction; Magnetic Dichroism; Magnetic Sublevels; Theoretical Approximations; Excited States

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01 Aug 2016