Highly Charged Particle Impact Ionization of He


Absolute experimental measurements have been reported for the fully differential cross section (FDCS) for single ionization of helium by 3.6 MeV/u AuQ+ (Q = 24, 53) ions. These absolute measurements are not in very good agreement with CDW-EIS (continuum distorted wave-eikonal initial state) calculations which are normally in excellent agreement with doubly differential cross-section measurements. We have recently introduced the 3DW-EIS approach which is a fully quantum mechanical approach. In addition, we have used a Hartree-Fock distorted wave for the outgoing electron instead of approximating the ejected electron as a Coulomb wave with an effective charge. For the case of low-energy C6+ ionization of helium, the 3DW-EIS model was in better agreement with absolute experimental data than the CDW-EIS approximation. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the validity of the 3DW-EIS model for more highly charged ions. Our theoretical results for the single ionization of helium by highly charged gold particles are in poor agreement with experimental results. The experiment displays unique forward peak structures in the FDCS that were not seen in the theoretical approach. We consider possible mechanisms to account for this forward peak structure.



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Absolute Experimental Measurements; Fully Differential Cross Section; Single Ionization; Helium

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01 Jan 2004