Parameter Induced Changes in the Wear Behavior of Ion Implanted Steel under Heavy Loading


Kossowsky, Ram and Singhal, Subhash C.


Lubricated sliding wear studies on nitrogen implanted steel are reported. Wear tests were made using the cylinder in V-groove geometry and heavy loading provided by a modified Falex test machine. A series of four tests were made to assess the effect of implanting various combinations of the two members of the wearing couple. Results indicated that implantation of the V-blocks had little effect on the wear rates of either member of the wear couple. However, implantation of the pin caused a large improvement (10) in the wear rate of the pin, but had little effect on the wear rate of the blocks. When these results are compared with those from other lubricated sliding studies on nitrogen implanted steels, it appears that implantations are most effective when the rotating member of the wear couple which experiences cyclic wear is implanted and of little effect when the stationary member which experiences continuous wear is implanted. Both silicon and tin implantations were also able to significantly improve the wear rate of the pin. The dose required for both elements was less than those of nitrogen with an order of magnitue less dose needed for tin. Some Auger data on the unworn and worn samples is also presented. Both the dose data and the Auger data can be used to support an oxidative wear model. (A)



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Materials Science and Engineering

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Characterization and Evaluation of Materials

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01 Jan 1984