An engineering physics course, in which the Personalized System of Instruction (PSI) technique has been used, has been designed to meet the requirements that all of a prescribed list of subjects be covered and that the course be completed within a single semester. The course was modified so that it has two levels of mastery for each unit: a passing level and a complete mastery level. All students were required to reach a passing level of mastery on all of the required material. Grades were assigned according to the number of complete mastery level examinations passed. It was found that unit deadlines are necessary to insure completion of the material, but they do not hinder progress because only passing mastery is required by each deadline. Ninety-two percent of the students who have completed the course indicate a preference for this PSI technique over the regular lecture. © 1975, American Association of Physics Teachers. All rights reserved.



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01 Jan 1975

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