The density field reconstruction technique has been widely used for recovering the baryon acoustic oscillation (BAO) feature in galaxy surveys that has been degraded due to non-linearities. Recent studies advocated adopting iterative steps to impro v e the recovery much be yond that of the standard technique. In this paper, we investigate the performance of a few selected iterative re- construction techniques focusing on the BAO and the broad-band shape of the two-point clustering. We include redshift-space distortions, halo bias, and shot noise and inspect the components of the reconstructed field in Fourier space and in configuration space using both density field-based reconstruction and displacement field-based reconstruction. We find that the displacement field reconstruction becomes quickly challenging in the presence of non-negligible shot noise and therefore present surrogate methods that can be practically applied to a much sparser field such as galaxies. For a galaxy field, implementing a debiasing step to remove the Lagrangian bias appears crucial for the displacement field reconstruction. We show that the iterative reconstruction does not substantially impro v e the BAO feature beyond an aggressively optimized standard reconstruction with a small smoothing kernel. However, we find taking iterative steps allows us to use a small smoothing kernel more 'stably', i.e. without causing a substantial deviation from the linear power spectrum on large scales. In one specific example we studied, we find that a deviation of 13 per cent in P ( k ∼0 . 1 h Mpc -1 ) with an aggressive standard reconstruction can reduce to 3-4 per cent with iterative steps.



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Cosmological parameters; Large-scale structure of Universe

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01 Apr 2022

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