We study the temperature dependence of electrical resistivity for currents directed along all crystallographic axes of the spin-triplet superconductor UTe2. We focus particularly on an accurate determination of the resistivity along the c axis (ρc) by using a generalized Montgomery technique that allows extraction of crystallographic resistivity components from a single sample. In contrast to expectations from the observed highly anisotropic band structure, our measurement of the absolute values of resistivities in all current directions reveals a surprisingly nearly isotropic transport behavior at temperatures above Kondo coherence, with ρc∼ρb∼2ρa, that evolves to reveal qualitatively distinct behaviors on cooling. The temperature dependence of ρc exhibits a peak at a temperature much lower than the onset of Kondo coherence observed in ρa and ρb, consistent with features in magneto transport and magnetization that point to a magnetic origin. A comparison to the temperature-dependent evolution of the scattering rate observed in angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy experiments provides important insights into the underlying electronic structure necessary for building a microscopic model of superconductivity in UTe2.




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01 Aug 2022

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