Triply differential data are presented for the 200 eV positron and electron impact ionization of argon. Six electron emission energies between 2.6 and 19 eV, and for scattering angles of 2, 3, and 4 degrees cover a momentum transfer range of 0.16 to 0.31 a.u. The binary and recoil intensities are fitted using a double peak structure in both regions, which, for the present kinematic conditions, are unresolved. The fitted peak intensities and angular positions are shown to have systematic dependences as a function of the momentum transfer and kinematic emission angle, respectively, and illustrate projectile charge effects. A comparison with available theories is made where it is seen that the most notable differences include the fact that for the binary lobe, the observed intensity for emission angles around 100° is absent in the theories, and the theoretical predications overestimate the importance of recoil interactions.




National Science Foundation, Grant IN105510

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Atom; Electron; Ionization; Positron; Triply Differential

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01 Dec 2021

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