Theoretical and experimental resonance strengths for KLL dielectronic recombination (DR) into He-, Li-, Be-, and B-like mercury ions are presented, based on state-resolved DR x-ray spectra recorded at the Heidelberg electron-beam ion trap. The DR resonance strengths are experimentally extracted by normalizing them to simultaneously recorded radiative recombination signals. The results are compared to state-of-the-art atomic calculations that include relativistic electron correlation and configuration mixing effects. Combining the present data with other existing ones, we derive an improved semiempirical Z-scaling law for DR resonance strengths as a function of the atomic number, taking into account higher-order relativistic corrections, which are especially relevant for heavy highly charged ions.



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Atoms; Electron resonance; Mercury (metal), Atomic calculations; Dielectronic recombinations; Heidelberg electron beam ion traps; Highly charged ions; Radiative recombination; Relativistic correction; Relativistic electron; Resonance strengths, Ions

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2469-9926; 2469-9934

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01 Jan 2019

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