In this work we theoretically study photonic spectra that follow charge exchange processes between highly charged ions and neutral argon and CO targets. The range of collision energies studied is 5 eV/amu-10 keV/amu, covering typical EBIT-traps and Solar Wind energies. Our studies are based on multiple electrons schemes within the classical trajectory Monte Carlo method. Electrons are sorted with the sequential binding energies for the target under consideration. The role played by the multiple electron capture process for the different collision systems under consideration is explicitly analyzed and its contribution separated as arising from double radiative decay and autoionizing multiple capture. Present studies are stimulated by the upcoming launch of the Astro-H mission in 2015, which will provide high resolution spectra in the 0.3 keV-12keV band.

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17th International Conference on the Physics of Highly Charged Ions, HCI 2014, (2014: Aug. 31-Sep. 5, San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina)



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Binding energy; Charge transfer; Charged particles; Ions; Monte Carlo methods, Charge exchange collision; Charge exchange process; Classical trajectory monte carlo methods; Collision energies; Collision systems; High-resolution spectra; Highly charged ions; Multiple electron capture, Electrons

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