Momentum-resolved scattering experiments with laser-cooled atomic targets have been performed since almost two decades with magneto-optical trap recoil ion momentum spectroscopy (MOTRIMS) setups. Compared to experiments with gas-jet targets, MOTRIMS features significantly lower target temperatures allowing for an excellent recoil ion momentum resolution. However, the coincident and momentum-resolved detection of electrons was long rendered impossible due to incompatible magnetic field requirements. Here we report on an experimental approach which is based on an all-optical 6Liatom trap that--in contrast to magneto-optical traps--does not require magnetic field gradients in the trapping region. Atom temperatures of about 2 mK and number densities up to 109 cm−3 make this trap ideally suited for momentum-resolved electron-ion coincidence experiments. The overall configuration of the trap is very similar to conventional magneto-optical traps. It mainly requires small modifications of laser beam geometries and polarization which makes it easily implementable in other existing MOTRIMS experiments.




This work was supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1554776 and by the University of Missouri Research Board.

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Atoms; Ions; Laser beams; Laser cooling; Magnetic fields

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01 Apr 2018

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