Probing Dark Energy and Neutrino Mass from Upcoming Lensing Experiments of CMB and Galaxies


We discuss the synergy of the cosmic shear and CMB lensing experiments to simultaneously constrain the neutrino mass and dark energy properties. Taking fully account of the CMB lensing, cosmic shear, CMB anisotropies, and their cross correlation signals, we clarify a role of each signal, and investigate the extent to which the upcoming observations by a high-angular resolution experiment of CMB and deep galaxy imaging survey can tightly constrain the neutrino mass and dark energy equation-of-state parameters. Including the primary CMB information as a prior cosmological information, the Fisher analysis reveals that the time varying equation-of-state parameters, given by w(a) = w0 + wa(1 - a), can be tightly constrained with the accuracies of 5% for w0 and 15% for wa, which are comparable to or even better than those of the stage-III type surveys neglecting the effect of massive neutrinos. In other words, including the neutrino mass in the parameter estimation would not drastically alter the figure-of-Merit estimates of dark energy parameters from the weak lensing measurements. For the neutrino mass, a clear signal for total neutrino mass with ~ 0.1 eV can be detected with ~ 2-σ significance. The robustness and sensitivity of these results are checked in detail by allowing the setup of cosmic shear experiment to vary as a function of observation time or exposure time, showing that the improvement of the constraints very weakly depends on the survey parameters, and the results mentioned above are nearly optimal for the dark energy parameters and the neutrino mass.



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Cosmological parameters from CMBR; Cosmological parameters from LSS; Neutrino masses from cosmology; Weak gravitational lensing

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01 Dec 2010