We employ large-scale Monte Carlo simulations to study a particle-hole symmetric site-diluted quantum rotor model in two dimensions. The ground state phase diagram of this system features two distinct quantum phase transitions between the superuid and the insulating (Mott glass) phases. They are separated by a multicritical point. The generic transition for dilutions below the lattice percolation threshold is driven by quantum uctuations while thetransition across the percolation threshold is due to the geometric uctuations of the lattice. We determine the location of the multicritical point between these two transitions and find its critical behavior. The multicritical exponents read z = 1:72(2), β/ν = 0:41(2), and γ/ν = 2:90(5). We compare our results to other quantum phase transitions in disordered systems, and we discuss experiments.

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28th Annual IUPAP Conference on Computational Physics, CCP 2016 (2016: Jul. 10-14, Pretoria, South Africa)



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Center for High Performance Computing Research


This work was supported in part by the NSF under Grant Nos. DMR-1205803 and DMR-1506152.

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Glass; Ground state; Intelligent systems; Monte Carlo methods; Percolation (computer storage); Percolation (fluids); Phase diagrams; Phase transitions; Solvents, Critical behavior; Disordered system; Generic transition; Ground state phase diagram; Lattice percolation; Multicritical point; Percolation thresholds; Quantum phase transitions, Quantum theory

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01 Jul 2017

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