We illustrate a new method of analyzing three-dimensional momentum images of high-energy photoelectrons generated by intense phase-stabilized few-cycle laser pulses. Using photoelectron momentum spectra that were obtained by velocity-map imaging of above-threshold ionization of xenon and argon targets, we show that the absolute carrier-envelope phase, the laser peak intensity, and pulse duration can be accurately determined simultaneously (with an error of a few percent). We also show that the target structure, in the form of electron-target ion elastic differential cross sections, can be retrieved over a range of energies. The latter offers the promise of using laser-generated electron spectra for probing dynamic changes in molecular targets with subfemtosecond resolution.



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Argon; Electrons; Laser Pulses; Lasers; Photoelectron Spectroscopy; Photoionization; Photons; Targets; Three Dimensional; Xenon, Above-Threshold Ionizations; Carrier-Envelope Phase; Differential Cross Sections; Dynamic Changes; Electron Spectrum; Few-Cycle Pulse; High-Energy Photoelectrons; Laser Parameters; Molecular Targets; Momentum Images; Momentum Spectrum; Peak Intensities; Phase-Stabilized Few-Cycle Laser Pulse; Pulse Durations; Target Structures; Velocity-Map Imaging, Pulsed Laser Applications

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01 Feb 2009

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