We present both experimental and theoretical results for the dissociative ionization of D2 molecules induced by electron impact. Cross sections are determined in the molecular frame and are fully differential in the energies and emission angles of the dissociation fragments. Transitions are considered from the X1Σg+ electronic ground state of D2 to the 2sσg, 2pπu and 2pσu excited states of D2+. The experimental results are compared to calculations performed within the molecular four-body distorted-wave framework to describe the multicenter nature of the scattering process. The cross sections reveal a dramatic dependence on both the alignment of the internuclear axis with respect to the direction of the projectile momentum and on the symmetry of the excited dissociating state which is energetically resolved.



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Dissociation fragments; Dissociative ionization; Distorted waves; Electron impact; Electronic ground state; Fully differential; Internuclear axis; Scattering process; Dissociation; Excited states; Impact ionization

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01 Dec 2013

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