We have made several different types of measurements of the three-photon ionization of Li produced by 3-ps laser pulses and describe the results using a Floquet picture. Over the photon frequency range 15 000 to 15 800 cm-1, Li represents a strongly coupled three-state system with the 2s ground state coupled to the 2p and 3d states by one and two photons, respectively. Energy analysis of the photoelectrons allows the measurement of the intensity dependent shift of the 2s Floquet state during the laser pulse. The shift shows a strong frequency dependence that is not predicted by first-order perturbation theory. We have also measured the total ionization spectrum over several ranges of frequency, as well as the angular distribution of the ionization and the first above-threshold ionization peak for frequencies where the ground state is near resonance with the 4s and 4d excited states. Calculations based on the Floquet Hamiltonian indicate that all of these processes may be understood in terms of a Floquet description.



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