Charge Transport in Energetically and Spatially Disordered Molecular Solids


Prerequisite to the rational development of organic electronic materials with prescribed electronic and optoelectronic properties is an understanding of the fundamental charge transport mechanisms upon which they rely. The field dependent mobility of disordered molecular solids has recently been shown to depend critically on the degree and morphological character of energetic disorder in the system. In particular, it is now recognized that a key ingredient necessary for understanding the field dependent mobility observed in such systems are spatial correlations that relate the strength of random potential energy fluctuations in the medium to their spatial extent. We review here microphysical mechanisms that can give rise to such fluctuations and study the field dependences that can be expected from them.

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IS and T's NIP15: International Conference on Digital Printing Technologies (1999: Oct, 17-22, Orlando, FL)



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Charge transfer; Computer simulation; Correlation methods; Density (specific gravity); Doping (additives); Functions; Molecular structure; Morphology; Optoelectronic devices; Potential energy; Density of states (DOS); Gaussian disorder models (GDM); Organic polymers

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 1999

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