Effect of Support Morphology on Supported Membrane Performance


The paper reports on a study of the effect of microporous support structure and impregnation method on the conductivity of supported membranes in an alkaline environment. Microporous PTFE membranes (Goretex) were impregnated with a Nafion solution consisting of 5 wt% sulfonic acid resin in a mixture of lower aliphatic alcohols and water. The supported membranes were prepared using three impregnation techniques: ultrasonic impregnation; vacuum impregnation; and pressure impregnation. Data are presented showing the effect of single and multiple ultrasonic impregnations on the membrane voltage drop for two support materials. In both cases the conductivity of the supported membrane decreased with multiple impregnations. The paper also discusses the effect of vacuum versus pressure and vacuum versus ultrasonic impregnation on the voltage drop. In both cases, vacuum impregnation yielded the poorest conductivity. The weight uptake of Nafion was measured for the three impregnation techniques, but no significant difference was observed.

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AIChE National Meeting (1987: Houston, TX)



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Polytetrafluoroethylene; Goretex; Nafion; Pressure Impregnation; Supported Membranes; Ultrasonic Impregnation; Vacuum Impregnation; Membranes

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 1987

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