XMCD Characterization of the Ferromagnetic State of Yb₁₄MnSb₁₁


X-ray magnetic circular dichroism (XMCD) measurements on Yb14MnSb11 provide experimental evidence of a moment of 5 μB on Mn, with partial cancellation by an opposing moment on the Sb4 cage surrounding each Mn ion. The compound is isostructural to Ca14AISb11, with Mn occupying the AI site in the AISb4 9- discrete tetrahedral, anionic unit. Bulk magnetization measurements indicate a saturation moment of 3.90 ± 0.02 μB/formula unit consistent with four unpaired spins and implying a Mn3+, high-spin d4 state. XMCD measurements reveal that there is strong dichroism in the Mn L23 edge, the Sb M45 edge shows a weak dichroism indicating antialignment to the Mn, and the Yb N45 edge shows no dichroism. Comparisons of the Mn spectra with theoretical models for Mn2+ show excellent agreement. The bulk magnetization can be understood as Mn with a moment of 5 μB and a 2+ configuration, with cancellation of one spin by an antialigned moment from the Sb 5p band of the Sb4 cage surrounding the Mn.



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Magnetization; Manganese; Method of moments; Ytterbium compounds; Ferromagnetism; aluminum; anion; antimony; calcium; ferromagnetic material; lanthanide; nitrogen; ytterbium; binding site; chemical structure; circular dichroism; dipole; geometry; intermethod comparison; magnetic field; measurement; molecular model; nuclear magnetic resonance imaging; spin labeling; structure analysis; theory; x ray magnetic circular dichroism

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01 Aug 2002