We investigate the generalized contact process with two absorbing states in one space dimension by means of large-scale Monte Carlo simulations. Treating the creation rate of active sites between inactive domains as an independent parameter leads to a rich phase diagram. In addition to the conventional active and inactive phases we find a parameter region where the simple contact process is inactive, but an infinitesimal creation rate at the boundary between inactive domains is sufficient to take the system into the active phase. Thus, the generalized contact process has two different phase transition lines. The point separating them shares some characteristics with a multicritical point. We also study in detail the critical behaviors of these transitions and their universality.



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Absorbing state; Active site; Contact process; Critical behavior; Independent parameters; Monte Carlo Simulation; Multicritical point; Parameter regions; Rich phase; Space dimensions; Computer simulation; Monte Carlo methods; Phase diagrams

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01 Jun 2010

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