Missouri S&T’s Peer to Peer


The world is in the midst of a technology revolution. Each day, new computing devices are introduced, hundreds of new websites are created, and people who have never used the Internet are trying it out for the first time. Nearly two thirds of Americans currently own a smartphone, and that number will only continue to climb (Fingas, 2014). Even cars, thermostats and refrigerators are becoming computerized and connected. This isn't groundbreaking information; most people are aware of this. What isn’t common knowledge, however, is who creates this technology. How does Google always seem to know exactly what you are asking for, even when you’re not sure how to ask it? How does Facebook manage to accommodate the various needs and interests of over 1 billion users each month (Protalinsk, 2014)? Who is responsible for making this technology so comprehensive? The answer to the last question, of course, is computer scientists, software engineers, database administrators, computer engineers and others in the technology industry. These computing jobs have shaped the modern world in ways only science fiction could have predicted. These people are responsible for some of the greatest innovations of the last century. They work every day on technology that is shaping the future. However, it is the future that is looking bleak. There are currently too few college graduates suited to fill the demand of the growing tech industry.