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Clint Davison


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Research Advisor

Patterson, G. K. (Gary Kent), 1939-

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Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


In the research program I studied different methods used in mixing gas and liquid in industrial reactors. I was introduced to the bubble column, the airlift reactor, and the bubbling stir tank through text reading, experimentation, and designing. From readings coming from the instrument and observation with my own eyes, I was able to learn much about the flow of particles in tanks such these.

The bubble column and the airlift reactor contain two sections of water flow (riser and downcomer). The riser area has a lower bulk density of fluid because of the rising air bubbles. The downcomer area has a higher bulk density of fluid than the riser. This is what causes the fluid to circulate in the reactor.

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29 Jan 1993