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Aaron Laws


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Research Advisor

Eversman, Walter

Advisor's Department

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Meeting Name

4th Annual UMR Undergraduate Research Symposium (1994: Mar. 23, Rolla, MO)


Wing flutter is one of the most important and dangerous phenomenon faced by aircraft structural design engineers. Flutter is a self exciting aeroelastic phenomenon in which portions of an aircraft structure begin to oscillate with exponentially growing amplitudes, produced by the changing aerodynamic forces and moments brought about by the deformation of the structure. There exists a characteristic flight speed, known as the flutter speed, where the structure exhibits sustained harmonic motion, ie. zero damping. Below this velocity, the vibration of the structure due to a perturbation will decrease exponentially, while above this velocity, the vibration will increase exponentially, eventually leading to catastrophic failure.

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23 Mar 1994