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David A. Thilker
Jon R. Fox



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3rd Annual UMR Undergraduate Research Symposium (1993: Jan. 29, Rolla, MO)


Progress towards the modernization and update of the UMR observatory through the implementation of astronomical CCD technology is detailed. Preliminary image data is presented, specifically: globular cluster M13 and the lunar surface. An evaluation of the Santa Barbara Instrument Group’s (SBIG) ST-6 CCD camera is presented; bias frames, dark frames, and flat-fields are all examined. A custom optical assembly for instrument focusing and housing BVRI photometry and RGB colorimetry filters is described. The ST60PS data acquisition program, provided by SBIG, is reviewed. Additional work towards the development of a custom image processing utility program is mentioned. Finally, optical telescope collimation and polar alignment issues are discussed.

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4th place

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29 Jan 1993

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Physics Commons