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Timothy S. Evenson



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Collier, Harvest L.

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Opportunities for Undergraduate Research Experience (OURE) organization funded this research.

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3rd Annual UMR Undergraduate Research Symposium (1993: Jan. 29, Rolla, MO)


The equilibrium constants for the complexation of the dichloroplatinum- cycloocta-1,5-diene complex with p-cyclodextrin in N,N-dimethyl- formamide was determined using electrochemical cyclic voltammetry. The constants for both the oxidized and reduced forms of the platinum compound were determined. Model redox experiments were conducted with ferrocene and 1,1 ’-dimethylferrocene before the platinum compound was studied in order to establish parameters for the experimental method. Also determined was the ratio of the diffusion constants of the guest molecule with and without being complexed with cyclodextrin. In addition to the platinum complex being electrochemically characterized as a guest of cyclodextrin, circular dichroism studies were conducted as well. The results contribute to the understanding of the inclusion-expulsion equilibrium mechanism for the guest-host pair. The results can potentially provide insight for applying inclusion compound chemistry for analytical chemical separations and controlled oxidation-reduction chemistry in specific molecular environments.

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Honorable Mention

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29 Jan 1993

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Chemistry Commons