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James H. Culp


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

Research Advisor

Behr, Richard A.

Advisor's Department

Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

Meeting Name

3rd Annual UMR Undergraduate Research Symposium (1993: Jan. 29, Rolla, MO)


This report describes a research project that was conducted to examine architectural glass behavior as curtain wall components subjected to earthquake-like dynamic motions. The project was an extension of an earlier pilot study conducted in 1991. The 1991 pilot study dealt only with dynamic racking of the curtain wall in its own plane.

The focus of this study was to investigate the effects of adding out-of-plane motions to the previous in-plane motions and to observe the resulting structural performance of various types of architectural glass. Thus, the curtain wall specimens in the current study were racked with motion components both perpendicular and parallel to the plane of the curtain wall. The current project, therefore, involved modification of the test facility to permit the coupled in-plane/out-of-plane dynamic motions.

After revision of the test facility, a series of experimental tests were conducted. The resulting data indicated that this new loading spectrum caused a substantially greater amount of glass breakage and subsequent glass fallout in most of the glass types that were found earlier to be prone to glass fallout.

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3rd place

Presentation Date

29 Jan 1993