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J. W. Schumer


Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Science

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Mueller, Gary Edward, 1954-

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Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Science


Removal of thermalized alpha particles from deuterium- tritium (D-T) fusion plasmas can be accomplished through the use of divertor magnetic fields if the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) equilibria is well understood [1]. Modifying a MHD variational energy principle for poloidal flux surfaces described by 𝒳 = 𝒳(ρ, θ) results in an inverse Fourier representation of the three-dimensional (3-D) equilibria solution. Application of the 𝒳 = 𝒳(ρ, θ) flux profile allows transformation of the magnetic field into a non-singular coordinate system along the divertor separatrix [2] and therefore, analysis of different divertor schemes. Derivation of the coupled, non-linear differential equations follows [5] except in the contravariant representation of the magnetic field. Theoretical background, formulation of the variational principle, benchmark results, and preliminary computations are presented.

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16 Apr 1992