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Matthew L. McKay


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

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Lehnhoff, T. F., 1939-

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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Member stiffness and the stress distributions in the bolts and members of bolted joints have been calculated for various bolt sizes, as well as thicknesses and materials of the members. The finite element method has been used to calculate the displacements and the stress distributions in the components of the bolted joint Using axisymmetric elements, the bolted joint could be analyzed as a two dimensional problem. Member stiffness ratios were calculated from the finite element results and compared with those calculated by an existing commonly used theory. The values were comparable for conditions where the theory could be applied. In addition, by developing a new yet similar theory which takes into account the bolt clearances, even better results could be achieved. Formulas and dimensionless curves which can be used to estimate the member stiffness ratios for several kinds of bolted joints are presented.

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16 Apr 1992