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Bonnie Mathis


Psychological Science

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Montgomery, Robert

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Psychological Science


Self-ratings of erne's own physical attractiveness among 455 students (311 male and 144 female) were compared with their scores on a scale measuring personality (the California Psychological Inventory) and subjective perceptions of their body weight In addition, they completed two measures of shyness; the Social Provisions scale (Russell & Cutrona, 1984); the Student Adjustment to College Questionnaire (Baker & Siryk, 1984); and the Interpersonal Betrayal Scale. For both sexes, self-rated physical attractiveness correlated significantly with (a) all seven folk scales (dominance, capacity for status, sociability, social presence, self-acceptance, independence, and empathy) on Cluster I (extraversion) of the CPI; (b) two of the three vectors on the CPI: v.l (intraversion) and v.2 (openness to norms); (c) shyness; and (d) having a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Self-rated physical attractiveness affected females, but not males with Social Provisions and perceived body weight.

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16 Apr 1992

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Psychology Commons