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David E. Brown


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Electrical Engineering

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Dawson, Darrow Finch, 1931-2007

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Electrical and Computer Engineering


In industry today, the use of robotic systems is growing. They can be found in many diverse applications including washing dishes, assembling automobiles and carrying explosives. With such a wide range of applications, robotic systems are a very important division of engineering.

Designing such systems requires an interaction between different disciplines of engineering. In the work world, engineers are required to interrelate with other engineers of differing disciplines and backgrounds. This research was designed to implement this type of partnership and develop a project that required the knowledge of an electrical, a mechanical and a computer science engineer.

Using the Motorola M68HC11 microprocessor, this system is designed as a prototype for a self-contained robot. The robot will have the ability to learn paths and be remote-controlled. With a few modifications this robot would be ready to be adapted to a desired task.

This research investigates the application of this single board processor and the design process required to create a small robot with self-guidance capabilities.

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16 Apr 1992