Properties of Buckminsterfullerene: Analytic Physical Methods for Verification of Truncated Icosahedral Molecular Structure



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2nd Annual UMR Undergraduate Research Symposium (1992: Apr. 16, Rolla, MO)


Aspects pertinent to the confirmation of a specific molecular structure - buckminsterfullerene (CJ, the truncated icosahedral form of carbon - are examined. Absorption spectroscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance, scanning probe microscopy, and x-ray scattering are each covered. Nuclear magnetic resonance revealed a single peak, implying a truncated icosahedral structure. X-ray diffractometry (XRD) of the sample yielded a scattering pattern with sharp peaks. The XRD data loosely fit to an hep lattice with lattice parameters a = 10.12 A and c = 16.65 A. Infrared spectroscopy revealed peaks indicative of the presence of two varieties of fullerite, Ctt and Cjq. Ultraviolet spectroscopy yielded the characteristic "camel" spectra. Visible spectroscopy measurements also agreed with previously reported observations. Auger analysis yielded no discemable difference from carbon graphite. STM/AFM analyses showed directly how our sample exhibited only a short- ranged packing order. A procedural description of buckminsterfullerene purification is given in detail.

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1st place -- Tie

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16 Apr 1992

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