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J. S. Shapiro



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Sparlin, Don M.

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2nd Annual UMR Undergraduate Research Symposium (1992: Apr. 16, Rolla, MO)


The Seebeck coefficient (also known as thermopower) is important in the characterization of conducting ceramics because it is very sensitive to the electronic structure. An apparatus was built during the Fall of 1990 and Spring of 1991 which was designed to measure the Seebeck coefficient in small high-resistivity samples in the temperature range from 80 K to 450 K. A reproducible thermocouple-to-sample electrical and thermal contact technique was found to be important to data accuracy but difficult to achieve. The goals of this project were to improve the thermocouple block design to give better thermal and electrical contact with the sample and to make statistically significant and accurate measurements on several sets of samples.

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16 Apr 1992

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Physics Commons