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Sew K. Woon


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Research Advisor

Nisbett, J. Keith


This project involves developing software for the use as a teaching tool in the classroom. The "four-bar linkage mechanism", often used in kinematic movement, is the main subject

The software provides a working environment to perform a graphical synthesis of a four- bar linkage to move one of the links through three specified positions in the plane. The construction process is facilitated by the built in kinematic intelligence so that the student can quickly and easily visualize the process. The construction lines are dynamically updated as the free parameters in the design are modified. This is particularly beneficial because it allows the student to see the dynamic nature of the solution, as opposed to considering it as a static situation. Once the synthesis task is completed, the four-bar linkage is animated to provide immediate verification of the satisfaction of the original motion specifications.

The software can be run on the Mechanical Engineering Department computer network.

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May 1994