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Gregory E. Effland


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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Behr, Richard A.

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Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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The author would also like to thank the National Science Foundation for funding the AN/EX Project and the University of Missouri Research Board for funding the assessment of AN/EX


An innovation in teaching structural analysis, the "AN/EX" Structural Model Laboratory, has been implemented into the civil engineering curriculum at UMR. The purpose of the AN/EX innovation is to give the students a "hands-on" lab in structural engineering that will help correct some of the deficiencies currently found in engineering design education. In an effort to determine the effectiveness of the "AN/EX" Laboratory at correcting some of the education deficiencies, a rigorous, semester long assessment was conducted. This assessment included an attitude assessment and an ability assessment. The methods and results of both assessments are provided in this report.

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May 1994