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Kevin L. Alexander


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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Belarbi, Abdeldjelil

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Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering


A mechanical device to test the edge strength of glass was developed in a previous study and was to be modified for more accurate results in this study. The mechanical apparatus allows for a load to be applied and directed along one diagonal of a glass beam making the other diagonal the neutral axis. This allows only one edge to be in tension where the failure is desired.

This study evaluated the scored edge lines and the other edge lines of annealed glass which was cut by an experienced glass cutter with a steel scoring wheel, and a carbide scoring wheel. The failure loads were recorded for four test series of 30 samples each. The first two series were performed to determine the scored edge strength of the glass specimen. The third series tested the other edge of both the steel and carbide cut glass. Finally, one series of tests was administered to determine the combined effects of the scored edge line and the other edge line of carbide cut glass. The scored edge line was on the order of 50 percent weaker than the other edge line and the steel cut glass exhibited 25 percent less strength than the carbide cut glass.

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May 1994