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Joshua Bunch


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Wan, Kai-tak

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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


In an effort to develop new ophthalmic treatments revolving around the ocular lens, the mechanical characteristics of natural ocular lenses and synthetic models must be determined and compared. One mechanical characteristic that is necessary when making comparisons is the variation of contact circle diameter or contact area with varying strains. A method was used in this experiment to measure the varying contact circle diameter of spherical hydrogels at strains up to 15%. This method could be used to estimate the varying contact diameter of other similar materials such as natural ocular lenses if the precision of the method is improved. The elastic modulus of the spherical hydrogels was also calculated. Averaging over all strains, the elastic modulus was found to be 3.459 kPa with a standard deviation of 1.263 kPa. If the lower strains (1 % and 2% strains) were ignored, the elastic modulus was calculated to be 4.071 kPa with a standard deviation of .676 kPa.

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Oral Presentation

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