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Wesley Trueblood


Biological Sciences


The purpose of the experiments for this research project was to determine whether certain compositions of borate-based glasses are bioactive and can be used to bond titanium pins to bone. Two different major experiments were done. The first experiment was done to determine the bioactivity of the glass. The second experiment was done to simultaneously determine the bioactivity of the glass and determine whether or not the glass would bind to titanium and bone.

The majority of the research consisted of working with different compositions of borate-based glass, making glass pins, and coating titanium pins with the glass. The making and coating of pins was done in the Materials Research Center (MRC) at UMR. Various glasses were used and various synthesis techniques for the glasses were used.

The smaller but most important part of the research was done in the UMR animal lab. This part of the research involved performing surgery on rats to test the viability of the glass disks in vivo.

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