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Christopher P. Smith



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Schmitt, John L.

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4th Annual UMR Undergraduate Research Symposium (1994: Mar. 23, Rolla, MO)


Measurements of the variation of the Can K line profile using very modest equipment is discussed. The equipment used included a Spex 0.75 meter spectrometer, a Santa Barbara Instrument Group 16 bit ST-6 Charge Coupled Device (CCD) camera, fiber optic cable, and a 10-inch Cassegrain telescope. Observations were made in both regions of little or no solar activity as well as in regions of high solar activity (sunspots). A roughly 8% increase in Ca II K emission was observed over a sunspot. The combination of the unique observing apparatus and the intensity resolution of the CCD camera was essential for the success of the experiment.

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23 Mar 1994

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Physics Commons