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Alfred L. Schovanez III


Due to a continued increase for the demands of irradiation, new facilities to hold samples are needed. The IPE is an experimental facility at the University of Missouri-Rolla Reactor. The IPE is an isotope production element that uses pins, screws, and O-rings to keep a water-tight seal and hold samples in the reactor core. Since this element has never been tested in the last few years and no known data is on file on it, experimentation to find out how the IPE affects the core is needed. It was determined that reactivity testing and axial flux profile testing was needed. The reactivity testing was needed to determine how much reactivity would be added to the reactor and flux profile needed to determine the shape and intensities of the flux per unit length of the IPE. Testing has shown that the IPE is suitable for use in the UMR Reactor and has a maximum reactivity addition of around 0.25% which is well within safety limits of movable experiments at the UMR Reactor. Neutron flux profile testing has shown the distribution to be parabolic and that at the end of the tube compared to the middle section decreases to 50% the middle value.

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