Presenter Information

Thomas W. Scott


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Research Advisor

Riggins, David W.

Advisor's Department

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Meeting Name

4th Annual UMR Undergraduate Research Symposium (1994: Mar. 23, Rolla, MO)


The effect of using various spatial distributions of the turbulent Prandtl number on the predicted surface heat transfer in the numerical simulation of Mach 4 flat plate flow is studied. The spatial distribution of the turbulent Prandtl number is shown to have a small effect on surface heat transfer, hence suggesting that the standard assumption of a constant turbulent Prandtl number is acceptable for high Mach number boundary layer type flows. In addition, a wall-cell control volume technique for computing heat transfer shows superior predictive capacity across the Reynolds number range when compared to the conventional calculation of surface heat transfer. This indicates that typical levels of refinement now used can be considerably relaxed when calculating heat transfer, with substantial savings in computing resources as well as allowing more accurate assessment of hypersonic vehicle heating loads.

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3rd place

Presentation Date

23 Mar 1994