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Anne T. Roberson


This experiment involves the development of electrochemical experimental methods for the determination of the oxidation/reduction potentials of a guest ferrocene complex (C10H10Fe) hosted by ß-cyclodextrin. The project was conducted so that the specific interaction of two molecules forming a unique inclusion compound can be used as a model for rapid analysis of other small molecules. In principle, the study is based on the expected equilibrium interaction of the iron compound with ß-cyclodextrin resulting in a complexed and an uncomplexed species equilibrium. The project's experimental objective is to determine if the redox potentials of both complexed and uncomplexed iron compounds are influenced sufficiently by ß-cyclodextrin to allow simultaneous determination of the redox potentials in equilibrium mixtures. This analysis will allow the determination of equilibrium constants for interaction of guest molecules with ß-cyclodextrin.

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April 1991