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Gary Jacquin


In conjunction with my co-op program at McDonnell-Douglas, my current OURE project is the analysis of combustion aerosols using Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy. Aerosol science is a very important field as it is concerned with atmospheric chemistry, atmospheric physics, climate, public health, and environmental issues.

In the Cloud and Aerosol Sciences Laboratory (CASL) at UMR, combustion aerosols are generated by an in-house designed torch or burner. The fuels, JP4 and JP5, are provided by McDonnell-Douglas. Some other commercial fuels are also used. The primary objective of my OURE project was to generate and collect combustion aerosols for chemical analysis. I was also involved in the construction of an automated cloud condensation nucleus (CCN) counter. A more thorough description of these efforts is now offered.

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April 1991