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Mark Barnett


A description of the synthetic approach to the preparation of an 18 membered macrocyclic ligand containing 2/2'-biimidazole is presented. A diol derivative of 2,2'-biimidazole is tosylated with p-toluene sulfonyl chloride making it susceptible to bimolecular substitution with a disodium salt of tetratosylated triethylenetetraamine. The final desired product is an 18N6 macrocycle, 4,7-(l,l'-(2,2'-biimidazolo))-l,4,7,10,13,16-hexaazacyclooctadecane, potentially capable of binding transition metal ions in various combinations with three chelating sites. Initial characterization includes NMR and IR spectroscopic analysis.

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April 1991

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Chemistry Commons