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John Francis Winkler

Research Advisor

Finaish, Fathi

Advisor's Department

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Funding Source

The grant from OURE is greatly appreciated.

Meeting Name

1st Annual UMR Undergraduate Research Symposium (1991: Apr., Rolla, MO)


In order to test the adaptability of the University of Missouri-Rolla's flight simulator to different types of aircraft, a basic mathematical model of a large commercial transport aircraft is developed. The original aircraft model is based on the Cessna 210, and in order to accommodate the drastic differences between the Cessna 210 and the Boeing 747, many changes are made to the simulation code. The aircraft geometric data, stability and control derivatives, and weights data are altered to match those of the 747. Changes are made within the various subroutines to include thrust reversal, spoilers, and a variable incidence horizontal stabilizer. In order to simplify the model, various modifications to the 747's lift, moment, and drag data are made based on an order of magnitude analysis.

This paper gives an overview of the procedure used in creating the new mathematical model and the various problems encountered during the model's implementation. The various assumptions that are made to simplify the modeling of the transport aircraft and the reasoning behind each assumption are discussed in detail. Finally, the flight characteristics of the developed model are compared with those of a real-world aircraft to determine the validity of the model.

It appears from flight testing that the final model does indeed offer the flight characteristics of a large transport aircraft.

Research Category

Improving the Interface Between People and Technology

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1st Place

Presentation Date

April 1991