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Timothy J. McKeon

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1st Annual UMR Undergraduate Research Symposium (1991: Apr., Rolla, MO)


The focus of the paper is to examine possible conformational changes of peptides when placed in the presence of a poly-synthetic material. A major concern in the pharmaceutical industry is the loss of potency of polypeptide drug products during processing, packaging and storage. An example of this is polymer syringes being used in place of glass ones. The effect is that some protien-derived products experience structural changes due to contact with the polymer. This is otherwise known as surface denaturation. In order to understand the energetics of interfacial polypeptide systems, a calculational approach was used via the program Alchemy. The organization of this paper is as follows: first, is the manner in which the peptide bonds are arranged and the ways in which they were synthesized on the computer screen and shown in three dimensional space. Ideas incorporated into the "experiments" will follow. In conclusion, a comparison of the stable structures to those in the model interfacial systems will be given. If these experiments can be shown to give reasonable results this setup could potentially save time and money, and further be used in the development and understanding of potential laboratory experiments.

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Improving the Interface Between People and Technology

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April 1991